Munich escorts

munich escorts

Mention the word “Munich escorts” and the first thing that would come into your mind is an escort münchen service. Well, if one imagines the hot girls, then you will also picture a group of German speaking and beer drinking guys in a bar. This club is called “Lido.” This club is the most popular club for young travellers to get involved with in Germany. This club caters to the taste of the young generation. It is full of escorts.

There are many advantages of becoming an escort with the company named “Lido.” One of them is the monthly fee that they charge for their services. They say that this fee is fixed and cannot be increased or decreased. There are other companies that offer their services for free. These companies are not the high class escort agency but they do offer the basic amenities for the customers.

Lido offers various types of services for its customers. The services that it renders include stahlgruberring, dancing, exotic dancing, lap dancing, social dancing, pedicures and manicures, dancing the cabaret, and the clubbing. The stahlgruberring is the most popular and widely used service of the Munich escorts. Stahlgruberring refers to the pole dance which has been used as the wedding event dance in Germany.

It is said that the concept of the stahlgruberring originated in the DDR (DDRpolizeich), the German name for the reunification of Germany. The concept of this dance was brought by the German women who were looking for ways on how they can entertain themselves and impress their new German partners. In the pursuit of this objective, they made up dances for them to perform at the parties. The concept of the exotic dancing and the lap dancing which were more common in the German world and the west came to the forefront and these are the two things that the Munich escorts are very famous for.

The third type of service that the women of the DDR used was the live sex shows. Many of the local women of the DDR became professional at performing these live sex shows for the clients of the Munich escort agencies. These shows have been known to attract men from all over the world especially those who were in the service of the German military during the cold war times. In some of the cases, the shows have also been known to attract famous TV shows personalities from America.

The last but not the least is the brothels in Munich. The women escorts or the prostitute strippers are usually from the poorer sections of Germany. These women who work as the escort in the brothels are known to be very attractive and good looking. Most of them even have beautiful tattoos on their bodies. However, not all the women of these brothels are good looking, most of them use the cheap drugs to make them look glamorous and appealing however in reality they are not.